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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nurses Select Doctor for Patient Care-Teamwork Award

Rakesh Kansal, MD, is this year's winner of Franciscan St. Anthony Health-Crown Point's St. Raphael Award, which recognizes physicians who have improved patient care through the nurse-doctor relationship.

Kansal, a cardiologist who has been with the hospital for 20 years, said he was gratified when notified of the award, which is named for Raphael, an archangel, who is the patron saint of physicians and nurses. He was among six nominees.

Kansal will receive the award at a hospital medical staff meeting in November. He will be honored again by the nursing staff during a celebration in December.

"A physician is here to take care of the patients; their needs come first," he said. "We take an oath to care for them and everything else comes second. But, a physician cannot succeed without coordination and support of the nursing staff."

The hospital's Performance Improvement/Peer Review Council of Shared Decision Making has presented the award since 2005.

Some of the nurses' nomination comments included:

  • "With all of the many challenges, stresses and rushing nursing can bring, Dr. Kansal is one of those rare physicians that brings a calming influence."
  • "One of our fellow coworkers was experiencing hardship beyond her control and was forced to look for employment elsewhere. Dr. Kansal learned of her story and did not stop until he found employment for her."
  • "Numerous times, Dr. Kansal has jumped right in there and helped with direct patient care and held pressure at the groin site just to help calm the nurse and loved ones."

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